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The Art of the Microflip Group Coaching (Course + Coaching)

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Discover Flipping Micro Websites for Profit

Learn how to build and flip micro websites for profit alongside me in this group coaching program. I've sold over $100K worth of websites of all sizes. I've taught thousands of students how to flip websites in my books and courses and now, I'm offering a 4-week group coaching program!

You get my course The Art of the Microflip included in this group coaching. The course is 12 modules long and includes lessons on design, content, SEO, social media, and more. It's designed to show you how to build, develop, grow, and sell a website for profit and create a website flipping business for yourself!

What to Expect?

Week 1: Take the course

Week 2: Start the website build

Week 3: Finish the site

Week 4: List for sale

Week 1 is about getting acquainted with the course. You'll go through module by module, learning the ins and outs of the course and getting more familiar with the website building and flipping process.

In week 2, it's time to take what you learned and put it into practice. You will start the website build.

In week 3, you will finish developing the site and get it ready for listing for sale.

Then in week 4, you will list of the website for sale. We will use for this process (and there are many other places to sell your site as well). Please make sure you can do business with Flippa in your area (visit for reference).

This group coaching is perfect for people who want to start a low-cost business around their full-time schedule. In this group. coaching, you'll learn:

  • How to build a website flipping business
  • How to monetize websites
  • My website development strategies that have helped me sell six figures in websites
  • And, more!


You will need access to a computer with internet. You will need a small budget to invest in website hosting and domain purchase (part of the website build process) along with covering the cost of Flippa listing fees (up to $50 to $100). You'll need access to the course, The Art of the Microflip which is included in this group coaching.


  • Access to the course, The Art of the Microfliip
  • Access to Facebook Group where group coaching will take place


  • You will NOT get access to any other materials, books, or guides outside of The Art of the Microflip course + Facebook group access
  • LIVE sessions/coaching will not happen. Coaching will be prerecorded
  • Individual one-on-one coaching not included

This is a group coaching program so you'll be in a group environment (the Facebook Group) with other students in the program. One-on-one personalized training/coaching will not take place but, I will be present in the group and be active in discussions, coachings, answering questions, demonstrations, etc.

Note: will be the platform used for website flipping. Please ensure you can participate on based on your area/location/country. If you enroll in this program and cannot participate on Flippa, you can still participate in the group coaching and get access to the course but, no support for flipping websites outside of Flippa will be given and there are no refunds.

This is a digital product. All sales are final.


Jenn is an MBA out of Texas A&M University- Central Texas. She’s worked in finance and banking for over a decade, helping educate and provide service to consumers in banking and finance. 

She has 5+ years of experience working in the social media and digital publishing space.

She is an online instructor and educator teaching people how to achieve financial independence through personal finance, entrepreneurship and business, and side hustles.

For all my action takers - see you inside ✌️

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get a copy of the course, The Art of the Microflip + exclusive access to the group coaching Facebook group

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The Art of the Microflip Group Coaching (Course + Coaching)

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